FIRAC was started in 1964 by a few Railway Radio Amateurs from Denmark, Germany, France and Switzerland who followed up their ideas resulting from a number of weekly radio nets. After the first congress was held, Firac slowly expanded as more countries became involoved to the current figure of 18. The membership is roughly 1600 active amateurs and SWL's. Firac hold an international congress annually in one of the member countries. If you are wondering how you can join, smply complete the inscription form located in downloads. The form has be to be filled in offline. In 2006 the M/C group hosted the 45th Congress in Slovenia resulting in this country becoming a FIRAC group member. Since then Poland and the Unkraine have joined Friac. Macedonia and Serbia have been excluded for non payment of dues, but any of the former members can remain in FIRAC by joining the M/C group. The FIRAC VHF contest is held in June and open to all wishing to participate. The H.F CW contest is held on the second full weekend of March and the rules for the contests are available on the FIRAC Website. This site is regularly updated with information and more features could be added shortly. If you wish to become a member of Firac please contact me via my E-Mail address.

Geoff Sims G4GNQ M/C group leader and P.R representative for FIRAC.