Membership to FIRAC is open to people who are involved in amateur radio and railways or take an interes in the hobby. We have around 1800 members located in 18 countries worldwide. FIRAC orgainise various activites during the year plus the International Congress usually held in September. If you wish to join the miscellaneous group (M/C) you are very welcome and you will find an application form to join on the links page. I try to write a quarterly newsletter during the year giving information on events taking place in FIRAC. There are several weekly radio nets to listen to or get involved in. Thes net are on Sunday at 08.30 UTC on 14.336 MHz +/- QRM,  Wednesday afternoon if the band conditions are good on either, 21.310MHz, 14.290 MHz. The reserve frequency is 18.160 MHz. The net commences at  14.30 UTC. From 15.00 we are on Echolink. See the links page for the band conditions update.  There is a small subscription charge of 1€ or 1$ US Dollar to cover cost of the newsletter etc. For up to date information please see the stop press page for details.  Geoff Sims G4GNQ  Miscellaneous group leader and FIRAC Public Relations Manager.